I’ve been active on Twitter for years (13 years coming up in March), and before that I’ve had numerous websites; blogs, hosted for me; self hosted. I’ve moved from one ‘Twitter’ killer to the other. Remember Pownce? Remember Plurk?

These services have come and gone, they’ve become irrelevant, or I didn’t understand how backups worked and lost all my content.

I’ve been wanting to share more of what I’ve been doing lately, and Twitter just doesn’t seem to be the best place to do it. Visible for a second; and forgotten the next. I’m an engineer I could self host, either run a Wordpress blog or setup a CI/CD pipeline and automatically generate html and publish that to Amazon AWS. I was intending to do that. That’s why I registered this domain more than a year ago.

A name that’s a bit abstract, but also a standard. It defines who I am (I drink a lot of tea) and it’s something that’s not weird to say in public.


So here we are; one year later. I finally got around to this checkbox on my todo list. In the end I didn’t go self hosted, I decided to go for a service that seems to be doing exactly what I want. Simple, elegant and straightforward, I finally activated my micro.blog account.