WWDC 2020 keynote first thoughts

A lot of new information today with nearly every platform getting some love. Looks like I’ll be needing to upgrade my Apple Watch Series 2, but my iPad mini 4 gets to live another year.

I liked the new format a lot, no pauses for clapping, a very well produced pre recorded presentation with high information density. The state of the union this afternoon will probably uncover some more tidbits and as soon as I’ve managed to get some hands on time I’ll be able to share a bit more.

Airpods automatic device switching Really really really really happy about this one.

Family sharing comes to in-app purchases Good to see this is coming, finally able to share that Yoga subscription! In other in-app news, you’re able to test StoreKit!

Selecting a default browser and email app You get to select a default app, I’m guessing they are feeling the heat from Europe.

Sleeptracking They didn’t really address charging and battery life though.

The next step after Intel iOS apps running on Mac! A Developer transitioning kit available and the first hardware shipping at the end of the year. They expect the transition to take 2 years with new Intel macs still in the pipeline. Looks like it’s well prepared with the return of Rosetta and launch partnerships with Adobe and Microsoft for native apps on day one.

No more macOS 10! It’s macOS 11 now.

Cycling is now supported in Apple Maps Where were you last week?

Appstore Clips Mini apps that download a partial app that makes sense in a given context like renting a bike. Reminds me of Google Play Instant. It has potential, very interested to see how it works.