Eufy Indoor 2K

Recenlty Eufy introdcuded two new (very cheap) indoor camera’s that support HomeKit. The Indoor 2K and the Indoor 2k Pan & Tilt. Up until now I’ve had very little experience with these camera’s because they’ve always been a bit too expensive for me to just play around with.

And so far I’m pleasently surprised, setup was relatively easy. The only (major) downside I’ve found so far is that they Eufy app stays active, even when using HomeKit, and Eufy doesn’t have 2FA support for their website yet.

So in theory if someone gets your email + password they could login and see your video feed. So for now what I’ve done is block any internet facing traffice to the camera’s on my network so they only work through HomeKit. I’ll give it a few more days and then see what I think of them.