HomeKit Secure Video Cameras (HKSV)

Since getting the Eufy camera mentioned in my previous post I also took a look at other camera’s currently on the market. I’ve added the finding below in a handy table. I’ll try and keep it updated once I find more.

Eufy Indoor 2K Eufy Pan & Tilt Eve Cam Logitech View Aqara G2H Netatmo Presence Netatmo Welcome
HomeKit Secure Video
HomeKit Only Mode ? ?
Field of View 125° 125° 150° 180° 140° 100° 130°
2 Way Audio HomeKit
Pan & Tilt ❌ (Only using Eufy App)
Water Resistant
5Ghz WiFi
Bridge Required
Price (guideline) €35,- €45,- €140,- €180,- €50,- €300,- €200,-