It’s been a while…

… since my last post, and since then a lot has happened in the world. Some interesting and some quite devestating. So let’s focus on the good. I got a new Apple Watch Series 6 as an early holiday gift, to replace my Series 2, and we bought a house!

Apple Watch

I’ve been using the Series 2 Apple Watch ever since it got released back in 2016, the battery was still lasting me a day most days, but other than telling the time, tracking some health data and showing notifications it didn’t have a lot of use anymore. Starting a workout would often take longer than the actual workout. It’s nice to have a device again that’s responsive, and is actually a lot faster again than grabbing my phone. When I just got the Watch the first time around I noticed I would pick up my phone a lot less, over time that effect wore off, mostly due to it not being any faster anymore. I’m glad to see that response has come back though, with a quick glance I’m often able to ignore the phone and not get distracted and starting endlessly scroling on something I wasn’t intending to do in the first place.

New house

We’ve been looking for a while, and I’m happy to say we’ll be moving next year. The market is crazy even with the current world situation and I hope we don’t regret it. But I’m very excited to automate the crap out this house. It will be fun starting a HomeKit house from scratch and taking all the lessons I’ve learned over the past years.

HomePod Mini

We’ve had two HomePods for a few years now for the Kitchen and Living Room, and it’s as if Apple knew we’d be adding extra rooms. It looks like the HomePod mini at $99 will be a a price point that we’ll be able to add some nice speakers in the office as well. I’m very interested to hear the sound differences between the bigger and the smaller ones.