Night Time Lighting on the Castle

The Disney castle Lego set is beautiful. Not just the exterior details, but the interior and hidden spots too. We knew we would be displaying this prominently in the living room. At least for a period of time.

And since lighting plays a prominent role in our living room I felt like I couldn’t leave out our new Lego castle. Time to Dream… and shine Brighter so to say.

Asking around for experiences with lighting sets and reading many reviews I settled on a set from LightMyBricks. The set comes with everything you need, although the sets aren’t officially from Lego the extra bricks included are genuine.

The complete build took about 2-3 evenings, the instructions were very clear. The end result is something we’re both very happy with and we love having it on display and turned on in the evening. I’ll share more detailed pictures later, but I just wanted to show you one picture of the entrance gate with both gas lamps turned on.

photo of the disney lego castle showing the enterance gate with the two gas lamps wired to led lights