A Years Supply of Creme Eggs… and They’re Gone.

If you know me, it probably comes as no surprise that I absolutely adore Cadbury Creme Eggs. A chocolate shell filled with a gooey white and yellow fondant-like substance. Whats not to love? Well for one thing that they aren’t for sale here, and sencondarily that if you do manage to find them you’ll end up spending multiple euros for a single egg.

Imagine my surprise when I pick up an unexpected parcel at the neighbours absolutely covered in eggs. Creme eggs. I know only one person that would do such a thing, no, not sending a box, Amazon nearly sends me one daily. Covering a box in a crazy amount of drawings. He’s done it before with Mr. Blobby Skin.

Thank you Ben, my partner in crime building Pendulum and allround great friend. These will go down nicely tonight.

According to Ben the box contained the following item’s:

  • 10 Creme Egg Twisters,
  • 6 white Creme Eggs
  • 15 standard Creme Eggs
  • 28 mini Creme Eggs

There’s no way of knowing for sure though, I already ate a few while counting them…