Super Mario 64

When I was young I remember getting a Nintendo 64 for my birthday together with Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. I’ve lost so many hours on both games but Super Mario 64 will always have a special place in my heart. The game I’ve replayed endlessly, helped other friends finish and bought numerous times on other platforms. Both on the Nintendo DS, and more recently on the Nintendo Switch.

So when last year there was a special offer on the Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block 71395 it didn’t take a lot of pushing for me to get it. Besides the fact that the Super Mario 64 game is probably one of the only Mario games without an actual question mark block it’s actually delightful. From the interior of the castle with the painting until the truthful recreations of three of the courses. Any time I see Bob-Omb Battlefield I can’t help but humming the tune.

Lego Mario 64 Bob-Omb